Miguel Enrique Beatón González

“Miguel, his world of passion and taste”

palacio de pascua chef miguel enrique beaton gonzalez

As a child, Miguel was first inspired by the famous Cuban chef Nitza Villapol’s popular cooking show, "Cocina al Minuto." The show inspired Miguel to look beyond food’s simple feeding function and caused him to recognize it as an art form.

As Miguel grew, so did his appreciation of the smells and flavors of Cuban cuisine. He trained his palate with the incredible library of recipes his family had collected (and his grandmother perfected) over the course of many generations. Miguel’s grandmother taught these recipes to the person who would become Miguel’s greatest teacher; his mother.

At 17 Miguel went to work, doing odd jobs that had little to do with the culinary arts, but his passion for food only grew. He followed the culinary news and major chefs of the day with an unusual fanaticism. One chef who Miguel (and the rest of Cuba) looked up to was Gilberto Smith, the Grand Master and President of the Culinary Federation of Cuba. Besides being arguably the most accomplished Chef in Cuba, he has been the greatest advocate and ambassador of Cuban Culinary Arts in the world.

In 2000, Miguel’s life would change forever. It was announced that a select group of students would be chosen to join the three year Professional Chef’s course at the School of Higher Studies of Hotels and Tourism at Sevilla Hotel (EAEHT) in Havana. This specialized course of study would include comprehensive training as baker, confectioner, butcher, cold area, warm area, knowledge of technical language, and many other elements of the art. Out of 1,200 candidates, a group of 64 students were hand-picked to take part; Miguel was one of the 64.

He began his studies as an apprentice under Chef Acela Matamoros, who would train and teach the secrets of the culinary art. As a result of his dedication, he soon started to work and practice at the prestigious "El Floridita", the birthplace of the Daiquiri, learning from the most famous chefs in Cuba.

Then began a cycle of alternating classes at the School and off-site training in the top hotels in Cuba. For example:

  • Hotel Sevilla: Different areas of the hotel: pool, buffet restaurant, Roof Garden on demand, cold area, warm area, bakery and confectionery, and charcuterie.
  • Hotel Nacional de Cuba: Creating personalized services and banquets.
  • Hotel Habana Libre: "La Barraca" Restaurant, learning the cold areas and warm areas.
  • Social Service: Cardiology Hospital "William Soler" in the kitchen, the only hospital in Cuba that performs heart surgeries on children under five.

In May 2003, he graduated from his course of study with magnificent results due to his dedication, discipline, and study; thanks in no small part to the person who had become his best teacher, guide, and friend, Chef Acela Matamoros.

Upon graduation, Miguel’s dream finally came true when he was offered a position at Park View Hotel, Habaguanex S.A. of the Office of the Historian Eusebio Leal Spengler. After two years at Park View Hotel, Miguel decided to once again further his culinary education. He returned to his alma mater to learn Management and Senior Management in the kitchen. He completed these studies in a year and a half, receiving the highest marks. Miguel was officially a Chef.

Upon completion of this course he was promoted to Chef at the Park View Hotel, where he would practice for 10 years.

Miguel finally found his home as Head Chef at the Palacio de Pascua, where his passion and commitment for what he does allows him free reign to realize his dream; to bring joy to the palates of clients from all over the world at our Unique Boutique Cuban Colonial Hotel in the Heart of Old Havana, Palacio de Pascua.